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Maralis Mercado Emerson is an educator, talent curator, storyteller, coach, Mami, and all around lover of all things good. Her strength lies in seeing the best in people and holding them accountable to being great. She holds two master's degrees in Public Health and Christian Studies respectively and a bachelor's degree from the University of Florida. She firmly trusts in the power of faith, self-love, self-compassion and dreaming big.


For over 17 years, Maralis has traveled the world learning from others and

bringing it back to her community. She first began her journey in education,

which opened doors for her to serve the community as a HIV advocate and service provider and then as a community organizer and educator. Most recently, her work has brought her to focus on holistic well-being and community health, which includes providing services such as integrative health coaching and wellness trainings, health education, as well as events such as food drives, health awareness campaigns, and workshops.


Maralis believes that creativity, healing, love, and purpose are motivators for individuals to do great things and as such has developed REClaim the Well, LLC. As CEO and lead Coach she helps individuals visualize what is possible so they can reclaim and recreate the life they want to live providing tools and resources that empower the individual to  move forward with their goals one step (or two) at a time.



Bachelors of Health Science Education, University of Florida 02'

Masters of Public Health, University of South Florida 07'

Masters of Christian Studies, Duke University 15'


Duke Integrative Health Coach Professional Training, Foundations Course, 2011


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